Charmaine Elliott over at Blackfeminists Writes I loot therefore I am

It has been asked ‘how can these people do that to their communities?’ That’s the point; it isn’t their community. Up and down the country playgrounds are locked, basketball courts are locked, in Hammersmith the Tory-led council transformed a football field into a polo pitch (let’s not talk about the libraries, because yes, young people hung out there, too). Whose community is that? It’s not their’s and there has been precious little attempt to open it up to them. The cuts have cut them out. These communities have not been sites of enjoyment for them in the large, they have been where the police harass them, teachers are prejudiced against them, bus drivers drive by, and potential employers just say no.

Harpymarx writes No one cares about the riots of the rich

NL and the ConDems promote a society based on individualism with a backdrop of consumerism, goods that many cannot afford to buy. So why the surprise that people riot and loot. If individualism and the “I’m-alright-Jack” mentality is promoted then people will react in that way. Thatcher will be proud. You make people feel powerless, disenfranchised, lack control on their lives, impoverished then don’t be surprised if people react in a disorganised individualistic way. People rioted for many different reasons but if you instil a sentiment of no hope or future then what do you expect.

MaryTracy writes Dear Britain

Dear Britain.

Thank you for showing your human self. Humans react when provoked. And it’s a relief to discover that despite centuries of indoctrination and “civilization”, you can respond to the violence done upon you.

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