In her essay Rape, Racism and the myth of the Black rapist In Women, Race, and Class Davis argues that

As the violent face of sexism, the threat of rape will continue to exist as long as the overall oppression of women remains an essential crutch for capitalism. The anti-rape movement and it’s important current activities..must be situated in a strategic context which envisages the ultimate defeat of monopoly capitalism.

And it kind of makes me go “hmmm”. Obviously patriarchy and capitalism are symbiotic systems and I do think that capitalism and the consumerism that is an inherent part of that encourages rape by putting a price on everything, by making everybody but those at the top of the pile consumable by the highest bidder or the one with the most power but I think in a non capitalist society that is run by and for men women would still get raped.

2 Responses to “Rape”

  • Andygrrrl says:

    yeah, pretty sure rape was around long before capitalism. Conflating capitalism with patriarchy is foolish—medieval Europe anyone?

  • Hannah says:

    Hey, I just read that too!

    Maybe I was reading it wrong, but I thought she meant that you can’t eradicate rape without eradicating capitalism – not that destroying capitalism would automatically eradicate rape. So, destroying capitalism is a necessary, but not sufficient, factor in eradicating rape.

    If that makes sense, and isn’t so word-repetitive that you fell asleep before the end ;-) Destroy! Eradicate! Etc!

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